Event Materials

JobNet Programming of RTF Local Road and Transit Jobs Webinar

JobNet Programming of RTF Local Road Jobs Webinar (VIDEO)
Local Road Job Information Sheet
Local Road Job Example 1799

JobNet Programming of Transit Jobs Webinar (VIDEO)
Info Sheet for JobNet Programming RTF Transit Jobs 09-08-22
Proxy Transit Agency Locations 09-26-22
FY21 Roscommon Bus Purchase 1797
FY21 Roscommon Equipment Purchases 1797
FY21 TRICO – 5310 agency tire purchase 1797
FY21 Kalkaska bus purchase with other local funds 1797

How to fill out the 1797 and 1799 Webinar

Completing the 1797 and 1799 Project Data Forms (VIDEO)
Handout – Form 1797
Handout – Form 1797 tips
Handout – Form 1799
Handout – Form 1799 tips

RTF and STIP Process Overview Webinar

RTF Outreach: RTF Planning Process (VIDEO)
Handout – Statewide GPA Guidance
Handout – Statewide Guidelines and Operating Procedures for Rural Funding and Planning Coordination
Handout – RTF Workflow
Handout – FY 2021 STIP Amendment Calendar
Handout – STIP Amendment and Administrative Modification Guidelines

Read only rights and Local Agency Balance Report Webinar

How to read the local agency balance report (VIDEO)
Handout – RTF Local Agency Balance Report Description

LABR in excel format, review and edit (VIDEO)

How to navigate JobNet (VIDEO)
Handout – JobNet access requirements

2018 Rural Task Force Outreach


Contact list of presenters

RTF Overview Presentation
Handout – GPA guidance excerpt
Handout – Local RTF project amendment within MPO boundary
Handout – Local RTF project amendment outside MPO boundary

3C Process (VIDEO)
Handout – Map of Metropolitan Planning Areas in Michigan
Handout – JobNet criteria for federal amendment
Handout – JobNet criteria for MPO adjustment or administrative change

STIP Process Presentation
Handout – 2019 STIP amendment calendar

Handout – List of transit agencies
Handout – Office of Passenger Transportation managers contact information
Handout – Flex flow

RTF Work Flow (VIDEO)
Handout – RTF workflow
Handout – Monthly progress report
Handout – 1797 form
Handout – 1799 form

All-Season Network Presentation

RTF and LAP Presentation

Fund Transfers Presentation
Handout – Bid savings example
Handout – Loan agreement

Local Federal Fund Exchange Presentation

RPA Involvement in the Michigan RTF Program